Monday, July 21, 2008

Who knew???

I had no idea that a couple of hours at the batting cage, and the driving range could have such a big impact on some of my rarely noticed muscles. We went to the Family Rec Park in Boonsboro yesterday. It was as hot as I imagine it would be if you stood on the sun, but it was still a lot of fun; driving back in the Jeep with only the bikini top helped to cool us down, and is fun in it's own right, in my opinion. We got 7 tokens for the batting cages for $12 and equalled 140 balls to swing at between the 2 of us, and then $6.50 for my medium basket of golf balls, and $8.00 for C's large basket and those baskets really do hold a lot. I'm guessing we spent at least an hour at the range. So, for under $30.00, we got some exercise, sun and fresh air, had fun, and spent some very needed time together that didn't involve talking about our relationship, and wasn't spent cooped up inside our house. All in all, a great decision even if I'm very sore, and am having real difficulty typing this all out since my forearm muscles are so tight...

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