Thursday, July 17, 2008

Election/Candidate Info

Google has a new Elections Gadget that you can add to your iGoogle home page; for up to date news, blogs, maps, videos, photos, and more on all of the 2008 election candidates.
I know in the past, one of my biggest complaints/issue about election time was finding general information about each candidate, where they stood on issues that were important to me, and knowing if the info we did find was from a reliable source. Having this all compiled in one place is very helpful, and I wish someone had thought of this a long time ago (maybe they had but I didn't know about it). I have voted in every election since my 18th year, and I consider it a right, a duty, and a privilege to live in a country where I have a voice and a hand in electing our political leaders. I don't really think a lot of Americans, especially younger people, and women, fully appreciate how lucky we are to have this right, and as a result; power. By just the random genetic lottery I was born in this country, but there are many places in this world where this right isn't made available for everyone, and where it's definitely not as simple as walking in, giving your name, and selecting your choices without fear, intimidation, or even risk of bodily harm. While I am not and have never been the type who eats, breaths, and lives politics, I do try to keep myself informed. Some years, I read and learn more than others, but again the fact that how involved I do or do not become is totally and 100% my choice; and is something I am extremely thankful for. Just something to think about, and a neat and convenient tool you might want to check out.
I can hear the conspiracy theorists already squirming around... Wondering who I or Google are linked with, and in whose special interest we're providing this info for... ;0)

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