Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Complete Printmaker

99.9% of the blogs and magazines I read are related in one way or another to art. I'm not lucky enough (or talented enough) to be a professional artist, but I am a hobby artist. I dabble in quite a few areas, and am always looking for new techniques and projects. I have a large wishlist of books I want to read, and slowly but surely I've been getting books here and there. This past weekend, I found one of the books that was high on the list and a little pricey in the bargain book section of Borders.
The Complete PrintmakTechniques/Traditions/Innovations,2000 revised edition was $2.99. This book is originally priced at $40.00 . I was thrilled, and thought that anyone who might stumble upon my blog from one of the art sites I frequent, will find this info useful.

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